Your Wellness Destination

Our mission is to promote wellness and lifestyle management through regular exercise, healthy eating & stress management. Stay for 2, 3 or 6 nights. Our packages are all-inclusive.

Take Some Me Time

Our Day Spa in Nottingham Road is separate from the main Hydro and is a popular choice with guests who are pressed for time or are simply looking to escape for the day.

Our Recipe Books

These healthy recipes will help you achieve better health and give you boundless energy. The food is delicious, healthy and easy to prepare.

Brookdale Health Hydro


Brookdale Health Hydro brings the soothing elements of nature together to restore the mind, body, and soul.  Here calming fragrances and soft music greet you. Don a plush robe and take a moment to unwind in one of our lounges or outdoor relaxation areas as you embark on the journey to total relaxation. Allow us the opportunity to indulge your senses, fulfil your simplest request and heighten your sense of well-being.

Brookdale is committed to creating memorable experiences for our guests and focuses on providing an escape from the stresses of everyday life. We offer a quiet place where physical health and mental well-being can be restored to their balance.

In the quaint village of Nottingham Road in the scenic KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Retreat to the tranquillity of Brookdale, a haven bordered by forest and farmland with a meandering stream.


Brookdale offers a charming range of en-suite accommodation to suit individual tastes with Standard Rooms, Garden, Fountain, Courtyard and Forest Suites available on a single or sharing basis.

Special Interest Getaways

Invest in your selfcare. We have exciting special interest getaways happening throughout the year which are hosted by incredible course instructors.


Our luxurious treatments are assured to restore the balance in your body as much as they do your mind. Deep relaxation is at the core of de-stressing and our experienced consultants and wide range of treatments are focused on achieving this.


Let our Heavenly and Healthy recipe book series inspire healthier, wholesome eating. You are able to purchase our recipe books as well as Brookdale vouchers online.

Activities & Facilities

From exercise classes to insightful demos and informative talks, our activities serve to inspire a healthier lifestyle. Guests can also spend their days enjoying a wide range of facilities.


Three delicious, balanced meals, as well as healthy morning and afternoon snacks, are served daily in our cosy dining room or under African skies on the terrace. Fasting is not encouraged.

Day Spa

Our Day Spa is separate from the main Hydro and is a popular choice with guests who are pressed for time or are simply looking to escape for the day.


We offer each person in our team the chance to be part of a vibrant, growing Hydro working alongside a group of committed professionals intent on helping guests restore physical and mental well-being.

The Benefits of


To benefit from something, is to gain improvement – yet as we all know, this seldom happens overnight. Particularly when it comes to health, there are few quick-fixes. Health improvement usually requires small, consistent steps towards change, which is a fundamental part of the Brookdale Lifestyle.

Brookdale is a safe haven for anyone who feels thrown off balance. Our steady foundations are as strong as ever and we are waiting to help you find your balance through, mindful eating, regular exercise and stress management. Guests may each take home something different from a stay at Brookdale, as there are many aspects to wellness and we all have different weak points and priorities. However, whichever elements of the Brookdale Lifestyle find a way into yours, you will be much better for it.


Brookdale provides the necessary environment for time-out, which is what most of us need in order to initiate change. Settled in our peaceful surrounds, guests are afforded the time for self-reflection and for contemplation of positive lifestyle change.


Supported by a vast array of health professionals and wellness experts, Brookdale provides the facilitation for change. Through lectures, cooking demos and shared success stories over the years, we provide both factual insights as to why certain lifestyle changes are necessary, as well as practical advice on how to incorporate such changes into our everyday life.


Brookdale simulates a way of life that reduces stress, enhances sleep, and fuels the mind and body for general wellbeing. Far from dramatic or extreme in approach the Brookdale Lifestyle encourages subtle, yet clearly defined practices of health, including short morning walks; unprocessed whole foods, served at regular intervals and in controlled portions; and technology-free time spent in nature, in real conversation, or simply in peace and quiet.

Recipe Books





Soul food on all levels. What a brilliant compliment of staff. I am truly grateful. Thank you.


Thank you all once more for making me feel so spoilt and please be around for another 25 years.


Fantastic place, thanks for all the spoiling


Words cannot describe what you have done for me. Such a beautiful and inspiring experience. Thanks for helping me find my mojo.


What a uniquely nurturing and restorative environment you have created here. A wonderful experience.


My Happy Place. Love being here and will see you again soon.


Another heavenly week. Thanks to everyone for making it so very special.


Exceeded all of our expectations. We will definitely be back. Thank you thank you!

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